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JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum Induction Blender – A Xmas Must

I don’t normally get too excited by products, but I have to make an exception in this case.

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To give you some background, the first e-book I wrote was mainly on fat loss and that’s when I took an interest in smoothies and juices due to their versatility, convenience, time saving and health promoting aspects.

I therefore embarked upon the search for a blender to start developing smoothie recipes with a view to creating a smoothie book for family nutrition. However the blender I purchased was the high end blender, The Boss by Sage by Heston Blumenthal, which simply couldn’t perform some of the tasks I needed to be able to develop this recipe book for smoothies. It was a let down on many fronts e.g. making nut butters, the blender jug moves while mounted on the base.

I was therefore spending a fortune on nut butters while testing and developing the recipes. Coincidentally I received a juicer as a birthday present; the JR 8000S juicer from Juicy Retreats, which I have been really impressed with. See here.

In my quest for a solution to the blender problem, I turned to the Juicy Retreats website and noticed a new generation of blenders including the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum Induction blender.

After some extremely positive comments/feedback, I decided to give this blender a bash, albeit reluctantly after my previous disappointment.

Well for the past few weeks since receiving the blender, I have found my new “toy” of choice.

My first task was to make nut butter using the cyclone jug, which is a revelation and is only offered by one other blender company. Macadamia and raw almond butter in about 30 seconds, using the pre-set Grind/Sauce programme. A nice heaped teaspoon of each separately was subsequently added to the large blender jug, resulting in two silky, creamy smoothies namely “Banana and Macadamia Mania and “Pear, Chocolate & Ginger”. Delicious!

I can now see my smoothie book coming to fruition after all. My renewed faith has given me the impetus to finish the book and hopefully secure a publishing deal, thanks to this latest addition to the blender market.

I also wanted to offer healthy ice creams in the book as a way of enticing kids who may take some getting used to the smoothie idea; once again the JR induction blender excelled; fresh pecan maple ice cream (no sugar) in 90 seconds. Delicious!

But the compliments don’t stop there;this feat of engineering was so quiet when I first used it, I immediately thought there was something wrong. Not so fast; this welcomed feature, especially after the jumbo jet blender of the past is actually a product of the brushless technology, making the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum Induction blender unique to the blender market.

Furthermore, I contacted the customer service rep on their website before acquiring the blender to ask more about the brushless technology. The chap was informative and prompt and told me that with a brushed motor like a Vitamix or Blendtec for example, lots of power is used to create an rpm of approx 40,000, this will then drop to approx 15,000 rpm during the blend when the blades are in contact with the food. With the JR blenders’ brushless induction technology, the high tech blades will maintain a constant 25,000 rpm even when in contact with the food; the bottom line is that you get a better blend, resulting in better results. Last, but not least, brushless induction is also more reliable.

The digital touch panel and touch slider screen also make it relatively unique. Both features endow this blender with modern finesse, to complement the aesthetic elegance and robust build design as evidenced by the company’s 10 year motor and 7 year parts domestic warranty combined with a one year commercial warranty, making it fairly unique to the market.

I loved the hot drinks function; fresh soup (sweet potato and macadamia nut butter I previously  made using the pre-set Grind/Sauce programme), made in about six minutes and more importantly, healthy and filling soup with most of the nutrients preserved, thanks to a low heat blending process; the only heat generated comes from blade induced friction.

All plastic parts are BPA free, which is a big plus since BPA is a well known carcinogen.

Finally, it is easy to clean; just add a small dash of washing up liquid and a couple of cups of water, and run on the Total Juice cycle.

If you are looking for that life changing product either for you or your family, maybe for Christmas or to kick start your New Year’s resolutions, then look no further than this new generation blender.

Remember 80% of health and weight loss is attributed to diet and not hours in the gym.

Forget the big screen TV’s, ipads and iphones this Christmas, and take your health to a new level by treating yourself and your family to the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum Induction blender.

After all, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver” – Mahatma Ghandi

Although this blender is not cheap, it is a step up in class and performance to any other blender I have came across. You get a lot of machine for your money and in my opinion, money well spent.

JR 8000S Juicer

I received this Juicy Retreats juicer as a present a couple of years ago and I simply can’t find anything to fault it.

This juicer meets the four criteria I would consider paramount when assessing the quality of a juicer.

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The first thing to point out is that the JR 8000S is a slow or masticating juicer, and that’s important when it comes to performance compared to the older, outdated centrifugal juicers.

Centrifugal juicers produce much more heat than the slow or masticating juicers, and this is an important distinction due to the fact that delicate nutrients like enzymes and phytochemicals are easily damaged when subjected to heat.

Secondly the level of juice extraction as evidenced by the dryness of the pulp is a strong indicator of the level of nutrient extraction. You have to remember that some plants especially green leafy plants have very strong cellular walls and these walls need to be broken down in order to extract key nutrients. The JR 8000S excels in this second indicator of quality.

Thirdly the ease of assembly and disassembly is also a consideration. I always find it a bonus when products are easy to either assemble or operate, because I am absolutely useless with my hands and figuring out technical details. Therefore when I discovered how easy the assembly and operation of this machine was, it came as a relief. Roughly 30 seconds and you have the machine ready to go, and when it comes to disassembly it’s even quicker.

Last but not least, how easy the juicer is to clean is more important than you may think. If you think of the psychology behind buying the new “toy”; you are very excited at first and any inconvenience you may perceive (cleaning it) can be offset by the initial excitement of receiving and using that product. However this wears off, and that’s why ease of cleaning the juicer actually becomes a very important criterion in whether you will continue to use that juicer on a regular basis, rather than it gathering dust.

Juicers v blenders

Juicers and blenders are the perfect marriage, as they both complement each other. If you’re really working to optimise your health, then both a juicer and blender are a must. Juicers have advantages over blenders, and similarly blenders have advantages over juicers. Juicers really do a great job of breaking down the cell walls of plants, rendering the nutrients more bioavailable than blenders. This allows the body to use more of the nutrients for absorption into the cells; the lack of fibre in juices also helps with this process.

Where blenders excel is in the wider variation of ingredients you can use and that includes proteins (including powders), fats and carbohydrates. A blended smoothie will also offer you the fibre that is stripped out in the juicing process, which obviously plays many key roles in the body, including gut health. However you won’t extract as many nutrients from a blended smoothie as you would from a juice due to less cell wall breakdown, but due to the smoothie’s ability to incorporate more ingredients, you will have a wider variety of nutrients. So all in all, they both play an integral part in optimal health and disease prevention.