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JR Ultra 8000 S2 Juicer

I bought  the JR 8000S juicer about four years ago and featured it on this blog two years ago for the simple reason that it was the first juicer I have had that not only left  dry pulp (an indication of excellent juice extraction), but had a minimum of cleaning fuss.

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When I received an email from juicy retreats offering a £175 discount on the new generation JR Ultra 8000 S2, which promised new upgraded features, it was a no-brainer.

The JR Ultra 8000 S2 juicer has just been released this year; I have had it for two weeks and it doesn’t disappoint on the promises.

One of the key features that hooked me on this juicer is the two hour juicing session, which will now allow me run juicing classes in the local area. It will also allow me to cut down the juicing sessions by making more and refrigerating for up to 48 hours as well as freezing. The juice only loses a marginal amount of nutrients and enzymes with refrigeration, provided that it is no longer than 48 hours. If you have juice each day, essentially you could juice on a Sunday morning for example, have your juice that morning and make enough for Monday and Tuesday mornings and you will still be within that 48 hour window. That’s massive in terms of time saved especially if you have a large family.

If you have a large freezer, then you also have the option of making even larger batches for example one week. Freezing the juice immediately preserves even more of the vital nutrients e.g. vitamins, phytochemicals, enzymes and electrons (yes plants store electron energy from the sun, which are also called biophotons, critical for health, vitality and longevity).

Let’s deal with the superior juice extraction, which not only improves micronutrient levels, but also enhances the taste and reduces the cost of produce. The redesigned Tritan filters, slow rotation speed (slowest on the market), combined with a unique two step auger design (courtesy of the new upgraded Advanced Squeeze Technology) enables even higher quality (taste and nutrients) juice to be squeezed than before, making the JR Ultra 8000 S2 perfect for home or commercial use.

In terms of safety, the new patented FeedSafe feed chute with rotating platform means that no stray hands can go wondering into the juicer inlet; a big plus if you have children. Also it allows larger pieces including whole fruits e.g. apples to be added easily.

And for more options, they include three additional strainers for smooth juice, thick juice and sorbet, as well as an included pulp strainer means that the JR Ultra 8000 S2 creates a juice perfect for you.

The juicer is aesthetically pleasing on the eye boasting a new curved, sleek design with gloss or metallic colours to choose from.

If you want to truly achieve your New Year’s health goals, then this juicer will go a long way in helping you.

Good Juicing!!