Breast Cancer: Part 1

“Everyone should know that the ‘war on cancer’ is largely a fraud” – Linus Pauling, PhD, Two Time Nobel Prize Winner.

These are evocative words, but after spending two years researching and writing my eBook, you come to the realisation that cancer is big business for Big Pharma and the medical establishment.

The ‘protective’ removal of women’s breasts due to BRCA1/BRCA2 genes has become a disturbingly popular trend, and increasingly it is being celebrated in the mainstream media and medical establishments as a reasonable choice.

After the recent hullabaloo with Angelina Jolie who probably had good intentions, but nevertheless has been misinformed and misguided, resulting in the wrong message being projected.

Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer death for women aged 15 to 49 in the UK and is the leading cause of death among American women between the ages of 40 to 55.

The high prevalence has created a very lucrative industry; from mammography and other dangerous or invasive testing methods, to “preventive” double mastectomies and cancer drugs.

Much effort is placed on trying to detect cancer at an earlier stage, with conventional recommendations to get regular mammograms unfortunately showing to be more harmful than helpful, as research shows 10 times as many women are harmed in some way compared to those whose lives are spared by annual mammograms.

Cancer drug therapies don’t work because drug companies have cooked the results
It’s no secret that mainstream Western medicine relies heavily on evidence-based, peer reviewed scientific studies. But that world is being turned on its head. According to researchers C. Glenn Begley and Lee Ellis [1], writing in the prestigious journal Nature, 89% of the published cancer studies they reviewed cannot be reproduced.

How statistics and fear force women into money spinning procedures
The real risks of breast cancer are much less than the claimed risks. In reality, everyone has cancer micro tumours in their bodies. Cancer is not a disease that just appears; it’s a disease that is influenced by lifestyle choices, which influence your immune system, toxic and oestrogen load.

The medical establishment are controlled by Big Pharma and will use the term “risk” to scare you into believing that you have no control over cancer, where in fact the opposite is true.

Angelina Jolie with her BRCA1 gene that’s linked to breast cancer could have quite easily followed a lifestyle blueprint that would have suppressed the BRCA1 gene expression. Why? Faulty genes cause less than 1% of disease [2] and so the whole “chance” argument is nonsense. Also genetic expression is mainly controlled by the epigenome, which composes chemical compounds that can affect the gene; think of it as the gateway between the gene and your environment, your environment being the foods you eat, air you breathe, chemicals you ingest, exercise you take, sleep you get, stress you are subjected to. So you see cancer is cause and effect; there is no “luck” involved.

Why don’t many people challenge the medical establishment and Big Pharma?
George Orwell put is so eloquently when he said, “Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness”.

The Establishment and their PR gurus are very effective at creating fear, doubt and insecurity among the masses by creating false needs (e.g. drugs) to satisfy their money making agendas.

Another key strategy they rely on is social proof, defined as “a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect the correct behaviour for a given situation, driven by the assumption that the surrounding people (e.g. medical establishment, Angelina Jolie) possess more information about the situation.” In other words, people are wired to learn from the actions or advice from others, and this can be a huge driver of consumer behaviour.

What should the cancer industry really be doing to make a difference?
Empowering women with a sense of control over their own health is the last thing the cancer industry wants to do, because that would result in the loss of huge profits, but it would be the moral and caring thing to do.

Unfortunately it’s far more profitable to scare all women into a state of such irrational panic that they agree to the most insane things; chopping off both of their healthy breasts, leaving women convinced they’ve literally saved their own lives by agreeing to be mutilated.

How dare they make women believe there is only ONE way to reduce their “risk”
Apart from making women think they have an 87% risk of breast cancer, they scam women into thinking there is only one solution for lowering that false risk.

“For any woman reading this, I hope it helps you to know you have options,” writes Jolie in the NYT; yet she utterly fails to offer women any options other than the one she took. Check in to a cancer centre and let them play “cut, poison and burn” on your body. Jolie’s NYT piece, which reads as if it were written by a PR company, offers nothing in the way of lifestyle choices and other powerful, non invasive therapies. Surely this is a disservice to all women?

But Jolie and the cancer industry seem to imply no preventative options exist other than conventional treatments because the cancer industry wants to funnel women like cattle into their slash, poison and burn system of quack treatments with Angelina Jolie as their new champion, who now seeks to “inspire” other women to exercise their own sick “choice” and have their breasts removed! Angelina has clearly lost her Hollywood marbles.

This is not empowering women, it’s conning them into self-mutilation by offering a false “risk” statistic to scare them into a ‘one and only’ destructive treatment regime.

Don’t be tricked into self-mutilation by cancer industry quacks; there are a plethora of preventative measures to avoid the expression of the BRCA genes and non invasive, safer treatment measures available if you do contract the disease.

In Part 2, we will be exploring these preventative and treatment measures.



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