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Welcome to The Fat Loss Puzzle Blog

Welcome to The Fat Loss Puzzle blog site.

We are a new UK based blog and website committed to helping people achieve their long term weight loss and health aspirations by teaching them in conjunction with The Fat Loss Puzzle eBook, how to avoid the pitfalls of the diet and associated industries.

To achieve our challenging goal, we have written an eBook, which has been thoroughly researched and written in an easy to understand language, dispelling the myths and inaccuracies that pervades the UK’s (and farther afield) diet, food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

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We are committed through the blog and eBook to inform the misinformed on a continual basis, challenge the status quo and strive for transparency. Most people lead busy lives and do not have the time to check and research every aspect of diet and health claims or advice they read about in the media or receive from their doctor; or they may not have the confidence to challenge what they have been conditioned to believe is true; it can be a case of “follow the sheep” or “everyone else is doing it, so it must be right”. Unfortunately, the marketing gurus understand these two human predicaments and in the quest for profits, take full advantage of the poor souls who buy their products and services. The golden rule is “question everything and assume nothing”.

I have always known that money rules the world, but never realised the lengths The Establishment will go to the detriment of people’s health and well-being until I embarked on this journey 2 years ago.

Therefore we have made it our mission to guide people in the right direction by separating the wheat from the chaff on the blog and in the eBook, where we will cover all the relevant factors in permanent weight loss, health and well-being.

The diet industry is not called “the most successful failed business in the world” for nothing and this is by design rather than incompetence; after all they need your repeat business to keep the money wagon rolling along, by preying on people’s desperation, insecurity and vulnerability.

On a personal level, I have always had a general interest in diet and health since living in California in the mid-eighties for four years and subsequently for four years in the mid-nineties.

I have an MBA and degree in chemistry and have spent the last two years researching how the physical lifestyle factors affect our health and fat loss or fat gain as in the case of so many of our citizens.

I have made it my mission to achieve three key objectives in the blog and eBook:

  • Shock you by exposing the tactics of the various industries in their pursuit for profits at the expense of real health and well-being for their customers.
  • Enlighten you by providing accurate information that will give you the confidence to make the informed choices needed to transform your fat loss and general health.
  • Motivate and empower you to take the steps toward a new lifestyle, a new YOU!

In spite of having a degenerative disc in my lumber region and spinal scoliosis limiting my exercise options, I have managed to lose 16kg in 6 months (88kg to 72kg) and have kept it off for 8 months using the principles and protocols in the eBook.

I had to practice what I was about to preach in the book. However the inspiration for the book was not a personal weight loss and health kick goal, but more a response to my sister’s chronic ill health, caused mainly by failed diets; you can read about this in the next blog.

Remember all the pieces of the puzzle are in the eBook at